Budha - Sire

Tula - Dam


Tula/Budha puppies were born May 31, 2009 - 4 boys and 3 girls. On July 26, 2009 they turned 8 weeks old and all but 1 have gone on to their new homes and fun adventures. The first born, Enzo will stay with Frank & Martha for a little while longer while his new family finishes up their travel plans.
What happened to Enzo you ask? He was very large, almost 18 oz at birth and was stuck half in and half out for the longest time. Tula was working very hard to whelp him so she could care for him. Due to him being so large the sack was very tight on him, so when she ripped the sack from him so he could breathe, she accidentally also took his right ear flap. The ear canal itself has developed normally, he just does not have an ear flap on his right side. But that doesn't hold him back any!
I want to thank Martha & Frank for opening up their home and allowing me to fly to Michigan to see the litter, play with them all and get to know them, the puppies and meet the new families. It really meant alot to me to be able to do that. Of course I fell in love with each and every puppy and I could see both Tula & Budha in each. Tula is such a good Mommy.
To the families, I want to thank you for making this life time commitment to these new additions to your family. I, along with Martha & Frank will be here if you ever need anything. I am looking forward to many updated pictures and fun stories of growing, exploring, adventures and trainings.
Hugs to all the puppies and enjoy the pictures.

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