Mazey & Budha Babies - Whelped June 23, 2010

The Boys

The Girls


Kit & I figured Mazey's puppies would be whelped Friday or Saturday. June 25th or 26th. However Mazey had other plans. I guess with all the excitement of Stella having hers on Monday and some of Kit's family in town, Mazey wanted some of that attention. So early Wed morning Kit gets up to take Stella out, then Mazey. Mazey was sleeping in her crate as the night before she had a choice the whelping box or crate, Mazey chose her crate. Well when Kit when to take Mazey out, she saw she had a puppy with her! Kit gets Mazey set up in the whelping box and her 2nd born came. Within 3 hours Mazey had whelped 7 puppies. Kit felt by the way Mazey was acting, she was done. We both waited 2 hours before announcing their arrival. Well 3 hours after the 7th puppy, Mazey surprised everyone with an 8th! She was having a bit of trouble breathing, so Kit went into action and even took her to the vet to make sure all was fine. She was and is! So Mazey broke the "spell" of Budha's previous litters of 7. Funny as these puppies were also born, boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl!
Puppies ranged from 11.2 to 13.8 oz
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1 Week Old
2 Weeks Old
3 1/2 Weeks Old
5 Weeks Old

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