Retro & Lila singleton puppy arrives!!! Feb 20, 2014


1 Beautiful girl puppy


Retro/Lila Puppy arrived Feb 20, 2014
This puppy was due on Feb 16/17 according to progesterone testing. When we found it was going to be a singleton, the vet wanted to pre-schedule a c-section. I was  not comfortable with that and wanted to see IF she could have this puppy on her own. We had an x-ray and found puppy wasn't to big or to small. Her due date came and went. We were doing daily progesterone tests from Sat Feb 15 through Tue Feb 18. Waiting for her progesterone to drop to and below a 2. I was given until Wed Feb 19th. IF she hadn't gone into labor herself, they wanted to do a c-section, as now we would be endangering the puppy. The morning of Wed, Feb 19th is when Lila started her labor. It was a long day and night, but puppy finally arrived at 3:50 am Thurs Feb 20, 2014. In perfect condition!
To see pictures of this beautiful girl as she grows, click on the links below.
Newborn-the 1st week
1 Week old
2 Weeks Old
3 Weeks Old
Playdate with Tattletail Scent Dogs
4 Weeks Old
5 Weeks Old
6 Weeks Old
7 Weeks Old
8 Weeks Old
9 Weeks Old
Wasatch Mtn Mile High Akela By Retro - New Beginnings

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