Sire: HCH-HPJ-4xR.CAC-3xCAC-HFGY-R.CACIB Sugár Cédrus 
Dam: HJCH-3xHPJ-HFGY-6xR.CAC Sugár Ara
Whelped: 10/29/2004
AKC DNA V448535, CHIC #396781, OFA Hips - Good, OFA Elbows - Normal, Cardic - Normal, CERF - Normal (Clear), Thyroid - Normal

Budha 24 1/2" tall 60 lbs


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 This is Budha. He is our third Vizsla baby. I decided I wanted a “true” Hungarian Vizsla, so started searching the internet for breeders all over. I had also decided that I wanted to try and compete with our next Vizsla. It was very hard to get some breeders in the US to talk to me once they found out I had never been in the show ring. I understand now, but then I didn’t. These breeders who have many years in the breed and have proven stock, couldn’t trust having one of their pups go to someone who they felt wouldn’t stay long in the ring. There were also many who would speak to me and offered many tips and tricks on the ring. I was looking at several breeders in the UK, Australia and Hungary. Corresponded with many of them over a lengthy period of time. Then decided to reduce my search to just Hungary. Several breeders right off refused to talk to me any longer when I told them I wanted to come there and see their facilities and dogs. They all just wanted to ship the pup. That put up red flags for me and I kept searching. I finally found a breeder who thought it would be a wonderful idea to come to her place, meet the dogs, see the sites, etc. With the help of her translator friend (Judit) we corresponded over the next several months about dogs, puppies, expectations, training, showing and everything else. Lane & I had decided that we would wait until the spring for a litter to pick from. I told this to the breeder (Anna) and she was just fine with that and continued to keep us up to date on the happenings at her place.
At the end of Oct 2004 she had a litter born and sent us the news with pictures. Over the next several weeks more pictures came and there was this one little face that just kept popping out of all the pictures. That face had personality, already at this young age. When the pups were 6 weeks old and we received the update pictures, I said to Lane, I have to see this one, it’s as though he is speaking to me in these pictures. So it was decided and we made our plans to go to Budapest, Hungary on Dec 27, 2004 and spend New Year’s there. Anna, Judit and one of her dogs met us at the airport, drove us to Anna’s place to meet the dogs and puppies. Anna takes us out to the kennel where the pups were playing. I knelt down at the gate and all but one puppy ran into the dog house. The one that stayed started kissing my fingers through the fence. I recognized that face! That was the face that was speaking to me through the photo’s we had received. So Anna picked up him and 2 others and we took them into the house. The friendly one started to play with the other 2 and would always run over to us, give a kiss and then back to play. The other 2 did whatever was necessary to stay away from us, but enjoyed playing with each other. We took those 2 out and brought in another set of 2. Again the same thing happened. So we took the friendly one out and brought in another. None of the pups wanted anything to do with us. We brought back the friendly one. Again with the kisses. My mind was made up, but Lane wanted to think it over as he had his eye on another little boy from the litter. We left a soft sided crate, some toys and a collar with Anna and Judit and said we would need to call them with our decision. Lane & I went site seeing. What a wonderful place. It is a poor country, but so rich in history, the 4 days we spent site seeing was just not enough to take in everything. We called Judit the next day to have her let Anna know our decision. Anna then used the soft crate to get the puppy use to it and also placed the toys we left in the whelping box with Momma and the littermates, so they could get their scents all over them. It took some talking, but as usual, Lane let me choose the puppy with the face I couldn’t get out of my head. The afternoon before we were to leave Hungary, we went back to Anna’s to pick up our puppy. She had bathed him, had his little collar and all his things packed up. She brought him out and I think he was really excited about seeing us again! We took several pictures of him with his Momma and with Anna and Judit. Then the time came to say good-bye. In the very short time we were there, along with the many emails over half a year, it was difficult.
Budha was the best puppy on the trip home. He traveled in his soft sided crate under the seat in front of us. Through a total of 18 hours and 3 plane changes, he was a real trooper and of course everyone on the planes fell in love with him.
Once home we introduce him to Bear, who liked him from the first minute. Saigie, well…. She was a different story. It took her two weeks to finally accept him. Now they are all the best of friends and look for each other when one is not with the others.

Budha has excelled in his training. We read all the books before getting him and had decided there were not going to be any mistake with this one. Well we did make mistakes as everyone will, but these weren’t as detrimental as the ones in the past and we quickly corrected ourselves. Budha earned his Tracking Dog Title at 18 months, and was already pointed in the AKC show ring when we started hunt training. Tracking and hunting are his favorites. You can see it in his eyes. We weren’t doing so well in the AKC show ring due to his bone. He has a lot of it, more then you see on the Vizslas here in the states. So we tried the International show ring, were he earned his Championship in no time, and then went on to some UKC shows. His second UKC show he was awarded Best In Show! Earned his UKC Championship in May 2007.

If you haven’t notice yet, Budha is our “happy medium” dog. Whether in the show ring, tracking field or hunting, he goes along happy as can be, just to be with you. Budha actually has personality. Keeps Lane and I smiling all the time just watching him. He has also succeeded in getting Bear and Saigie to interact more and has at many times brought the happy, lovable puppy back into Saigie.
Budha’s success in the hunt training I attribute to being trained at home by us. Lane & I decided we would give this a shot and with the mistakes made with Bear & Saigie, we would try our best with Budha ourselves. Lane read many training books, and once Budha was here, Lane brought the wings out and started playing with him with them. He had a great time. Lane continued the training and took Budha out on a couple hunts with him & Saigie. Lane has a friend with a GSP that he goes out training with once in a while. The guy and his GSP are very good, and he has given Lane many pointers. Lane hasn’t used them all, as I said earlier, not all training techniques work on all breeds. Lane knows his dogs and what techniques would be best for each one. So training with Saigie & Budha is different. He doesn’t use the same techniques with both of them because they are different temperaments.
Since bringing Szari into the family and starting out in the show ring with her Budha has made some changes. Whenever I would take Budha to a show before, he would move around the ring in a "ho hum" type of way. No real excitement as his first loves are tracking and hunting. We went to a CO show and took both Budha & Szari,m however I was only showing Szari. Budha sat in his soft sided crate ringside watching all the happenings. When it was time for Szari and I to go into the ring, Budha perked up and watched. When I returned to his crate he was all excited and wanting to get out of the crate. I thought he needed a walk, so I took him. Outside he was real clingy, and I never put 2 and 2 together until I entered us in a WA show. We headed to WA and I had entered Budha 1 of the 2 days because it was an international judge judging, so I thought he would have better luck. So the first day it was just Szari and I and again Budha sat in his crate ringside watching. The next day when I took him out of the crate to practice for our ring time, he was oh so excited. Stacked like a dream, gaited holding his up head up high, really happy. When our turn came to go in the ring, he was wonderful and went Reserve to a 5pt major! We didn't get the points, but we did get Reserve out of 8 dogs in the class and that was a very proud moment for me. So jealousy does work and also finding judges who understand the "European look" help alot. Prior to that Budha hadn't been in the ring for 2 years.
We will continue to show Budha in both the AKC and UKC rings. Budha has earned his Grand Championship title through UKC. 
I will continue to be selective of judges I show him to.
Budha earned his 1st Major Oct 2010 with his 6 mo old daughter Selkie (by Szari) by his side also earning her 1st major, then May 2012 Budha earned his last major to become the newest AKC Champion, also with a daughter, Erie (by Kezza) by his side earning her 2nd major! So his daughters have brought him luck and we are so proud to have been able to share these special days with them.
Budha is officially retired from the show ring, as I promised him, once he finished, I would never ask him to go back in. He will now continue with his real passion, birds and tracking.
To date, (Sept 2011) Budha has been bred 6 times. His ladies and their whelp dates are listed below and you can see the pup pictures on the "Puppies" page and current pictures under "Budha's Get" page.
Tula - Am/Can CH Toldin Steel's Legend Builder FDJ - May 31, 2009 - 7 Puppies, 4 boys, 3 girls - Toldin Vizslas 
Kezza - Am/Int'l CH Akela's Pride of the Mtns Kezza CGC RA SH - Dec 12, 2009 - 7 Puppies, 2 boys, 5 girls - Mtn Pride Vizslas
Szari - AKC CH/UKC Grch Kezza's Blazin Szari of Mtnprd CGC JH - Feb 26, 2010 - 3 Puppies, 2 boys, 1 girl - Wasatch Mtn Vizslas
Stella - Am/Int'l CH Akela's Mtnprd Giftolove Stella CGC RN JH - June 21, 2010 - 7 Puppies, 4 boys, 3 girls - Mtn Pride Vizslas
Mazey - Am/Int'l CH MtnPride Minnie's Amazin'Grace CGC RAE CD MH VC - June 23, 2010 - 8 Puppies, 4 boys, 4 girls - Mtn Pride Vizslas
Brenna - CH Criodain's Brenna of Aristo CGC - April 17, 2011 - 5 Puppies, 3 boys, 2 girls - Aristo Acres 

Out of all his puppies, there are just a few that are in the ring or doing performance. Most of them have become the best family companions their families could have. We are VERY proud of ALL his kids!

As of Feb 28, 2014 Budha has:

1 Grand Champion, 5 Champions, 2 group placing kids, 2 who are just single points away from their Championship, several with minor/major points working towards their Championships and several just starting their ring careers. 4 Junior Hunters, 1 Senior Hunter, 1 NAVHDA NA Pz II, 1 Tracking Dog, 2 Coursing Ability, 1 Companion Dog and a couple working towards Rally titles.

So his kids are doing pretty well in the performance arenas.
Budha has achieved his ROM (Registry of Merit)!!! We are so proud of all his kids and owners that trained, competed and earned  those titles on his kids for him to achieve this honor.

Pedigree of "Am/Int'l CH/UKC BIS GRCH Sugár Kökény RN TD JH CGC ROM"

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

HCH-HPJ-4xR.CAC-3xCAC-HFGY-R.CACIB Sugár Cédrus     


HCH-HG.CH-INT CH-'99.Ch-ok-Ch-ja-5xR.CAC-Karcag szépe-10xCAC-Sopron szépe-Sopron Köszegi-Vadász Astor

Borzómenti Anka
Vadászfai Cinke HCH-INT CH-SLO CH-ML.V-Derby v.-3xR.CAC Vadászfai Szilias
R.CAC-2xR.CACIB-2xCAC Vadászfai Ábránd



2xHPJ-R.CAC Vadászfai Lump HCH-HG.CH-INT CH-'99.Ch-ok-Ch-ja-5xR.CAC-Karcag szépe-10xCAC-Sopron szépe-Sopron Köszegi-Vadász Astor
R.CAC-2xR.CACIB-2xCAC Vadászfai Ábránd
3xR.CAC- 4xCAC-CACIB-2xHFGY-KL.GY Cikolai Dongo

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