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Miss Coop May 1989 - Jun 2004


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My husband and I met in July of 1989. I had come out to Utah from Chicago for a family reunion. The day after we arrived, my sister took me out and that is were I met Lane. Call it fate, call it love at first sight, call it whatever you please, but from the moment we met, we knew and have been together ever since. During our time together and getting to know each other, we spoke about dogs and what breed we liked. We both liked Golden Retrievers for their loving temperaments. A month after we met, Lane brought me this Golden Retriever puppy. His friend's dog had had puppies a few months before and decided he wanted to give me one.

Miss Coop was the best friend anyone could ever ask for. She was right there, letting you know she is there for you. She took everything in stride. She was right there with us as we were building our house. Going from room to room checking on us, then would lay in a place she could see us both with just a turn of her head.

When Bear arrived, at first we didn't know how she would react. But being the easy going lovable girl that she was, she took to Bear like he was her own. They fast became best friends and would play together. When Saigie arrived, well that was another story. I don't think Miss Coop liked this littler red jumping bean trying to bite her belly. I truly think Saigie thought Miss Coop was her Mommy with more hair, so she kept trying to nurse on her. Til one day Miss Coop told her off and made Saigie need 3 stitches in her lip. Saigie & Miss Coop were never as close as Miss Coop and Bear. But they all did get along.

In 2002 Miss Coop got sick, took her to the vet and the vet said, well she is old, so you should just think about putting her down. I said no without even thinking twice about it. He did some blood panels and decided to keep her over night with some IV fluids. He called the next day to say her kidneys were giving out and again she was old, we should consider putting her down. We brought her home that night and I sat there begging her to eat something, drink something. She would take just a bit, but at least that was something. I decided we needed a second opinion. As I look into Miss Coop's eyes and there was something there that said, no I am not ready to go yet. So made an appointment with another vet. I had our vet fax over all the test results, so the new vet would have all the info. We are waiting in the exam room and the vet comes in. Talks with a bit and looks over the test results. Looks down at Miss Coop and without touching her says, I think she has a belly full of rocks. Lane & I look at each other and then to him, saying what? So the vet reached down, placed his hands around her belly and shook it. It sounded like someone was holding a bag of marbles and shaking them in front of us. He says, yep, sounds like rocks, let me take her for an x-ray. He came back a few minutes later with her x-ray, sure enough 9 rocks in her belly! One was stuck in the small intestine and that was what was causing the test results. He scheduled her for surgery and within a few hours he called and said we could come and visit her. He had the rocks all washed up and in a baggy for us, said there was no damage to her intestines and that she should be fine in a few days, but to keep her from eating more rocks. They brought her out and we were able to walk her around outside. She did a potty and the clinic was very pleased. Miss Coop looked at us as if to say Thank you. She looked so good and acted so much better. She had to stay in the hospital for a few more days to be sure, but we visited her often. Once she came home, she was a different girl. Much younger acting. You could see it in her face and eyes, she felt so much better. We kept a watchful eye on her from that time on when she went outside. It was tough as we hadn't landscaped yet and had rocks everywhere! But we did our best.

Miss Coop was with us for another 2 years. June of 2004 was a terrible month for us. On June 14, 2004 a car ran into my son's apartment building, along with hitting the gas main and causing a major explosion. Moments before my son and his girlfriend were sitting on the sofa that was now melted to the front of her car. He lost everything material, but still had his life. We are grateful for that. That his girlfriend felt sick and wanted to leave and he walked her to her car as the other car was flying into his building. One week later Miss Coop after 15 years of filling our lives with her loving companionship, decided it was her time. She wouldn't come in from outside, so we let her lay in the sun (her favorite place) and would come home at lunch to check on her. I really think she did this on purpose. I don't think she wanted us around when she went and I don't think she wanted to be around Bear. Lane got home first and she had already passed. Lane was making her a box when I got home. Bear was laying next to her, so sad. We made her final resting place in the garden. Miss Coop loved the garden, she loved sneaking out there and eating the tomatoes off the vine before Lane got to them. So we placed her in front of where Lane plants his tomatoes. Bear would go out there all the time and just lay there. He was so heartbroken. Whenever we would go outside, he always ran to the garden first.

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Forever loved, never forgotten, always missed. Rest in peace my sweet Miss Coop.

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