Am CH/UKC CH Aristo's Mona Lila of Wasatch Mtns CGC CA TD JH NAVHDA NA Pz II
Sire: Am/Int'l CH/UKC BIS GRCH Sugár Kökény RN TD JH CGC ROM 
Dam: CH Criodan's Brenna of Aristo CGC
Whelped: April 17, 2011
AKC DNA V659606, CHIC #92604 , OFA Hips - EXCELLENT , Elbows - Normal, Cardiac - Normal, EYES - Normal (Clear), Thyroid - Normal, von Willebrands - Normal



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Lila, pronounced LeeLa in Hungary means “violet colored”. She was the lavender collar girl in the Budha/Brenna litter bred by Joye Bondanza of Aristo Acres Vizslas in Red Bluff, CA.

Doesn’t her name just bring visions of beauty and artistry? She IS beautiful and shows A LOT of talent already at her young age! Although I cannot take credit for coming up with her name Lila, I have a friend Aimee to thank for that. The meaning and sound of it was just perfect!

As with most people who have MVS, (Multiple Vizsla Syndrome) things just happen. It was not planned to take a pup from this litter. As a matter of fact neither, Joye the breeder or myself had plans to keep a pup from the litter. Joye’s plan was to find a home to co-own with, so she could show or have shown one of the females. My plan was to keep a female from Szari’s litter that was whelped just 2 weeks after the Budha/Brenna litter. Joye felt a strong connection the moment the little pink girl was born. So she felt she needed to find a local home for her. As time went on, she realized, there was no way she could let the little pink girl go, so pink girl is now Zara.

The more pictures Joye sent of the litter, the more I was drawn to the little lavender girl. She had so many of Budha’s characteristics that I love so much. And whenever Joye and I would talk and she would mention a possible home for her, my heart would ache. When the evaluations were happening, all along “MY” pick was lavender girl. Loved everything about her! Around the 8th or 9th week, Joye and I were talking about how funny it was that the pink girl looked and acted so much like her Mama Brenna and the lavender girl like her Daddy Budha. We joked that it was a sign. Then one day it hit me, Yes, the lavender girl belonged here with me! I told Joye and she was excited too. Because I too, had a litter on the ground, I could not bring her home right away. Joye actually kept Lila for me til she was 4 ˝  mos old. When I did meet her in person for the 1st time, it was love all over again!

Since bringing Lila home, we have been busy working on expanding her puppy manners, bird work, some tracking and just having a great time. Lila will excel in hunting and tracking. She has her Daddy’s love, desire and nose for it. We will also do conformation in the spring. Her structure and movement is an excellent combination of both Brenna and Budha, along with her even temperament and loving ways. She’s always ready for whatever we decide to do! Watch the “News” page for updates on her in the ring and field!

Pedigree of "Am CH/UKC CH Aristo's Mona Lila of Wasatch Mtns CGC CA TD JH NAVHDA NA Pz II"

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Am/Int'l CH/UKC BIS GRCH Sugár Kökény RN TD JH CGC ROM     



 HCH-HG.CH-INT CH-'99.Ch-ok-Ch-ja-5xR.CAC-Karcag szépe-10xCAC-Sopron szépe-Sopron Köszegi-Vadász Astor
Vadászfai Cinke
HJCH-3xHPJ-HFGY-6xR.CAC Sugár Ara 2xHPJ-R.CAC Vadászfai Lump


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