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Retro & Lila singleton puppy arrives!!! Feb 20, 2014

1 Beautiful girl puppy


Retro/Lila Puppy arrived Feb 20, 2014
This puppy was due on Feb 16/17 according to progesterone testing. When we found it was going to be a singleton, the vet wanted to pre-schedule a c-section. I was  not comfortable with that and wanted to see IF she could have this puppy on her own. We had an x-ray and found puppy wasn't to big or to small. Her due date came and went. We were doing daily progesterone tests from Sat Feb 15 through Tue Feb 18. Waiting for her progesterone to drop to and below a 2. I was given until Wed Feb 19th. IF she hadn't gone into labor herself, they wanted to do a c-section, as now we would be endangering the puppy. The morning of Wed, Feb 19th is when Lila started her labor. It was a long day and night, but puppy finally arrived at 3:50 am Thurs Feb 20, 2014. In perfect condition!
To see pictures of this beautiful girl as she grows, click on the links below.

Budha/Vesper Puppies Arrived! Nov 5, 2013

5 Handsome boys and 3 Lovely girls!


Michelle Profido and Lena Kourtei of Rhapsody Vizslas has welcomed 8 new puppies into the world on Nov 5, 2013
5 Handsome boys and 3 Lovely girls!
Dam: Gch Rhapsody's For Your Eyes Only JH "Vesper"
Sire: Am/Int'l CH/UKC BIS GrCH Sugar Kokeny, RN JH TD CGC "Budha"
If you are interested in this litter, please contact Michelle at Rhapsody Vizslas . Please see link below for more pictures of pups

Szari & Stryder Puppies Arrived!! May 1, 2011

6 Beautiful Puppies! - 1 Boy - 5 Girls


The Szari/Stryder litter arrived right on time!! I had a whelp date of April 30 or May 1, so Szari delivered 3 on April 30th and 3 on May1st!
We have 6 Beautiful Puppies!
All healthy and strong.
We are calling this the "Texas Six Pack" as Stryder lives in Texas and we made a whirlwind trip of 22 hours each way, there and back to meet him!
I have attached links below for each week.
How are they doing now? To see recent pictures of each pup with their new families, just click on the links below.

Brenna & Budha Puppies Arrived! April 17, 2011

3 boys - 2 girls


Joye Bondanza of Aristo Acres has welcomed 5 new puppies into the world on April 17, 2011
3 Handsome boys and 2 Lovely girls!
Dam: CH. Criodain's Brenna of Aristo, CGC  "Brenna"
Sire: UKC BIS GrCH/Intl CH. Sugar Kokeny, CGC TD JH  "Budha"
If you are interested in this litter, please contact Joye at Aristo Acres or
Please see link below for more pictures of pups

Mazey & Budha Babies - Whelped June 23, 2010

The Girls


Kit & I figured Mazey's puppies would be whelped Friday or Saturday. June 25th or 26th. However Mazey had other plans. I guess with all the excitement of Stella having hers on Monday and some of Kit's family in town, Mazey wanted some of that attention. So early Wed morning Kit gets up to take Stella out, then Mazey. Mazey was sleeping in her crate as the night before she had a choice the whelping box or crate, Mazey chose her crate. Well when Kit when to take Mazey out, she saw she had a puppy with her! Kit gets Mazey set up in the whelping box and her 2nd born came. Within 3 hours Mazey had whelped 7 puppies. Kit felt by the way Mazey was acting, she was done. We both waited 2 hours before announcing their arrival. Well 3 hours after the 7th puppy, Mazey surprised everyone with an 8th! She was having a bit of trouble breathing, so Kit went into action and even took her to the vet to make sure all was fine. She was and is! So Mazey broke the "spell" of Budha's previous litters of 7. Funny as these puppies were also born, boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl!
Puppies ranged from 11.2 to 13.8 oz
Please follow the links below for the weekly pictures.

Stella & Budha Puppies - Whelped June 21, 2010

The Girls


Stella had her puppies right on the day we thought she would. She started at 4:34am and by 10am she had all 7 pups with her.
All puppies ranged from 12.2 to 14.8 oz except 1, who came in at a whooping 18oz!
Please follow the links below for weekly pictures.

Szari & Budha Babies - Whelped Feb 26, 2010

Three Musketeers 8 weeks old


The Szari & Budha Babies were not due to be born until March 7, 2010. However Mom and babies had a different plan. They arrived 9 days early on Feb 26, 2010. It was both a nightmare and a joy.
I was in panic mood, knowing the survival rate prior to day 58 and here she is in labor on day 54! I called our vet and got their emergency contact. I couldn't get the folks at the ER to believe me that she was ONLY on day 54! They told me I was wrong and everything sounds normal to them, call them if she is in distress. But otherwise they will not call a Vet in. Her first born came at 12:58 am Friday morning. Almost hairless, as the hair and lungs are the last to develop. He had very little hair on his body, no hair on his head, face, legs and 3/4 of his tail. Over the next 12 hours she had a total of 7 puppies. 4 boys and 3 girls. However we lost 4 of them. Their lungs and their bodies were just not developed enough to survive in this world. The first death occurred just 20 minutes after birth. Believe me I worked that whole 20 minutes to get her going again. I was devastated and heartbroken. Szari actually gave birth to her last puppy at the vets office at 12:45 Friday afternoon. While we were at the vet's office 2 other puppies lost their battle. The vet tried CPR and breathing into their mouths to no avail. I also told them of my phone experience with their ER service. I doubt anything will change, but it felt good to get that off my chest. So we went home with 4 puppies. Later that night, just before the 24 hour mark, the first born went to join the others. He had been having a difficult time breathing since birth, but had made it the longest, so I had hopes he would make it. Since the wee hours of that Friday morning we have been on 24 hour puppy watch and care. All puppy births were in the 8 oz range. So IF they had waited for their actual due date, they would have been in the 13 to 15 oz range. An 8 oz Vizsla newborn is not uncommon, so even though they were a good weight, it doesn't change the fact that they were born way to early and they were not fully developed.
If it hadn't been for my good friend Sheryl Hohle and my daughter in law, Haley White, I don't think I would have made it through this. As a breeder and dog person, in those days I had be devastated, heartbroken, sleepless and totally emotionally drained. I went on as there were 3 puppies fighting to stay alive. Showing me they have a will to live. 2 of the 3 have been pretty touch and go, 1 picked up and the other was still back and forth. That one was Mr. Orange, now know as Marcus. He was the weakest with the biggest heart and will to live. He was the most "purple" at birth. Once the circulation started going through his body, it reached everywhere but his right rear paw. 4 days after birth that paw fell off. His leg is strong and he tries to use it, but there just isn't a paw there. When he turns 6  mos old, we will have a custom fit paw brace made for him, which will help him maintain his balance and be as normal as possible.
He is truely our "miracle" puppy!
I am VERY pleased to announce all 3 remaining puppies made it and are very healthy today. They all have gone on to their new families and I will see them often.
Mr. Red is now CH Wasatch Mtns Early Ride To Victory (Charlie) - Earned his Championship Nov 12, 2011
Mr. Orange is now Wasatch Mtn Triumph Against All Odds CGC (Marcus)
Miss. Purple is now CH Wasatch Mtns Oh What A Miracle (Selkie) - Earned her Championship May 4, 2012
Please click on the links below to see pictures throughout the weeks of our amazing Three Musketeers

Kezza & Budha Puppies Whelped Dec 12, 2009

Blue & Lime are boys, the rest are girls


 Please click here to see more pictures of the puppies

Tula & Budha Puppies 4 mos old



The Tula/Budha puppies have just turned 4 mos old.
We have 7 wonderful families that keep us updated on their progresses and in pictures. The link below will take you to the pictures and I have included some shots of both Tula & Budha at about the same age. You can see the puppies take after both parents, not just one or the other.


Tula - Dam


Tula/Budha puppies were born May 31, 2009 - 4 boys and 3 girls. On July 26, 2009 they turned 8 weeks old and all but 1 have gone on to their new homes and fun adventures. The first born, Enzo will stay with Frank & Martha for a little while longer while his new family finishes up their travel plans.
What happened to Enzo you ask? He was very large, almost 18 oz at birth and was stuck half in and half out for the longest time. Tula was working very hard to whelp him so she could care for him. Due to him being so large the sack was very tight on him, so when she ripped the sack from him so he could breathe, she accidentally also took his right ear flap. The ear canal itself has developed normally, he just does not have an ear flap on his right side. But that doesn't hold him back any!
I want to thank Martha & Frank for opening up their home and allowing me to fly to Michigan to see the litter, play with them all and get to know them, the puppies and meet the new families. It really meant alot to me to be able to do that. Of course I fell in love with each and every puppy and I could see both Tula & Budha in each. Tula is such a good Mommy.
To the families, I want to thank you for making this life time commitment to these new additions to your family. I, along with Martha & Frank will be here if you ever need anything. I am looking forward to many updated pictures and fun stories of growing, exploring, adventures and trainings.
Hugs to all the puppies and enjoy the pictures.

Budha and Tula Puppies - Born May 31, 2009

3 girls 4 boys


Please click the link below to see the litter just born and prior to 8 weeks old.




Email: Judy Campbell
Utah  84020


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